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Le Tir, Et Le But! - A site dedicated to the history of the Montreal Canadiens and the history of hockey.
Welcome Habs fans, and thank-you for visiting my new site! My name is Kevin van Steendelaar.

I have been a fan of Canada's game since as far back as I can remember. Growing up north of Toronto, I managed to become a fan of the Montreal Canadiens when I was five or six years old.

 Fortunately one of the area CBC stations carried Canadiens games more regularly during the seventies. I realized that team in bleu, blanc  et rouge won way more than the blue and white guys. Plus the fact their goalie had a cool bulls-eye mask, was a great selling point.

Until recently, I was the managing Editor for Habs Eyes On The Prize and have been a guest panelist for both radio and online chats, regarding the Canadiens, with CBC Sports, CJAD, the Canadian Press. I have also had the opportunity to interview several present and former player and personalities in the hockey world.

I am a current member of SIHR (Society for International Hockey Research). The history of the Habs has been a passion of mine, so I chose to dedicate this site to the history of the Montreal Canadiens.

The new site is in it's infancy so I will be running a series entitled, "Today in Habs History," to get things rolling.

 If you have any questions or comments, or have an interesting story to share, please feel free to email me by clicking the icon below.

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