Sunday, 17 March 2013

Today in Habs History: March 17th Edition


On March 17, 1955 the whole world got to see how significant a figure Maurice Richard was,ot just in the NHL, but as a symbol of the French-Canadian population of Quebec.

Suspended by NHL President Clarence Campbell the day before, the Rocket would watch the game from the stands. Richard’s supporters protested Campbell’s decision outside before the game began, and remained as it got underway. 

Campbell’s presence at the Forum incensed thing further, as fans taunted the league president and hurled a tomato at him. After a smoke bomb went off the game was stopped and the Canadiens forfeited the game to the Red Wings.

Things got worse as disgruntled fans joined the protesters and a riot broke out in the streets. There was  an estimated $100,000 in property damage and as many as 100 arrests made.

An CBC radio recap of the Richard Riot from Dec 30 ,1955–CBC Digital Archives


Also on this day…


1928: Howie Morenz scored his 5th career hat trick as Montreal lost 5-3 to the Maple Leafs, at Toronto.


1938: Canadiens defeated the Montreal Maroons 6-3 in a penalty free game that was the final game between the two teams. The Maroons dropped out of the NHL after the 1937-38 season.


1956: Bernie Geoffrion scored twice and added two assists as the Canadiens won 7-2 against the visiting New York Rangers.


Habs Born on This Day: Patrick Lebeau (1970), Ryan White (1988)


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