Monday, 31 December 2012

And Here We Go!

A New Year and blog for fans of the Montreal Canadiens, and the game we love.

Welcome to LeTir, Et Le But!

No hockey politics, no fancy stats, or anything of the like. This page is the starting point for new project I am putting together, chronicling the greatest goals and moments in the history of hockey's greatest franchise.

I've done a lot of other Canadiens history posts on two prior blogs, my own work at Ya!The Habs Rule! and as an editor on Eyes On The Prize. I'm still part of the EOTP team, but this is a is a more personal project from my latter contributions. Hence I am doing this on my own accord.

With over 100 seasons under the Canadiens belt, there are certainly many to choose from, so I am compiling the stories that led up to some of most important goals for Le Bleu, Blanc, Et Rouge.

But it won't be just include the typical and predictable goals that you would  expect to see or find in any hockey history book. Instead, I want to hear from the fan on what Canadiens goal stand out in your mind.

Maybe the Canadiens didn't win that night, but witnessing a goal at the Forum/Bell Centre for the first time, by your all-time hero, stood out for you. It's those kind of stories I also want to share with the Habs fan community.

So in the meantime, feel free to send an email or comment here on your favourite Canadiens goal.

I'll also be posting historical notes and information on a regular basis, so feel free to stop by anytime.



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